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Bats on Strings

Many moons ago, after picking up skills as a writer, editor, event planner, customer service representative and photographer, I embarked on a full-time career as a publicist and brand coordinator, and I haven't looked back. I formed Bats on Strings, a boutique Branding and PR agency for musicians and creative endeavors, so that I could form close knit bonds with people and brands I believe in.

Every day I help tell stories that move people, and I create experiences - both live and virtually - that leave impressions. In a nutshell, I created my dream job.

Riverbend Collective

After meeting creative entrepreneur after creative entrepreneur, I decided I wanted to surround myself with an extraordinary crowd, so I formed Riverbend. Riverbend is more than a co-working space. It is a place where creatives work, take photographs and showcase their ideas.

As a collective, we become part of a bigger picture for our clients and for ourselves. We host monthly gatherings around the table to eat, laugh, and share triumphs. If you want to drop in, set up a permanent desk space or rent our photo studio, drop me a line!

Flying Fox

A handbag security guideline announced by the NFL in 2013 led to the formation of my side-hustle: Flying Fox.

My line has grown from clear bags to minimalist, French inspired, thoughtfully designed leather handbags that are handcrafted in small batches in a petite American factory. More than anything, designing handbags and running a product-based business has connected me with wonderful makers and creators I might have never met and taught me skills I can now pass on to my Bats on Strings clients.


Work often puts me on the road, so I am constantly hunting for the best coffee shop with cool vibes and good Wi-Fi. I am also obsessed with interior design and DIY projects (dream come true moment: my home was profiled on Apartment Therapy.)

Other things I love: woodsy scented candles, leisurely walks with no final destination and a camera in hand, and anything French.


Let's Connect!

If you'd like to hire me to work with you on a project or have a collaboration idea, let's chat! I love connecting with creatives around the globe.

Things we could talk about:


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