I’m sharing with you…

  • 12 Horoscope aligned matcha recipes + a bonus everyday matcha recipe

  • Mantras for each sign to take your sipping to a ritualistic level

  • Exclusive discounts from some of the best matcha brands

  • A quick look at the benefits of matcha

  • A complete list of every tool and ingredient you’ll need to become a matcha queen

  • A printer-friendly format

  • + a free matcha-themed wallpaper for your phone!


Bonus Everyday Matcha recipe that I consume – nearly every day!

Matcha is a nutrition powerhouse, boasting 60x the antioxidants of spinach and a more sustained energy boost than coffee. This printer-friendly matcha e-book will teach you how to whip up delicious matcha drinks from the comfort of your home. Once and for all you can take control of the quality of your matcha, the amount of sugar (unnecessarily) added to your matcha, and of course, you can do it all for a fraction of the price offered in coffee and matcha shops.


Hi, I’m Tiffany!

And my love affair with matcha began in a very unlikely place: Target.

More on that in a second, but since that first sip, I have traveled to Kyoto, Japan to sip and savor matcha in one of its prime growing regions, and it’s safe to say I’m hooked for life.

My morning matcha routine has become my ultimate self-care ritual, so I’m proud to present you with a mantra dedicated toward your horoscope sign with each recipe.

My wish is that you’ll carve out 5, 10 or 30 minutes for yourself to make a cup of matcha, repeat an empowering mantra, and set a tone for your day that is guaranteed to bring you more joy, more whitespace and more wellness. 

Now back to Target. I was an overworked entrepreneur hustling on a road trip with my assistant, and we hadn’t had a salad in a few days. My body was craving something green. So while picking up supplies in Target, I spotted a lady with a green drink. I thought it would be some sort of kale concoction, but when I asked her what she was drinking, and she described it as a green tea latte from the Starbucks inside the store. We quickly raced over, ordered one of those things that lady was having, and that was my first matcha experience. I soon learned that the matcha in Starbucks was pre-mixed with sugar, so a few months later when I decided to become more aware of what I was putting in my body (and sugar wasn’t going to be one of those things), I knew I needed to learn how to make matcha at home. 

My first matcha buying experience was a complete bust.

I’m talking 3 strikes, sit on the bench for the rest of the game, better luck next time, bust. It tasted like dirt, and I just refused to believe this was my beloved matcha. Turns out, it practically wasn’t. It was a brownish shade of green with a metal aftertaste and a dirt-like first taste, and it was sourced from China. (Japan is the clear first choice when sourcing your matcha.) It also cost less than $10 for a huge 1lb tub, so you could say I should have done more research, but then again, it was a lesson well learned.

My second experience was so much better.


About $25 dollars for a small tin earned me a vibrant shade of green, soft and floral in scent and mild and pleasant in taste. Now I was on to something.

You could say the rest is history, but the truth is I’m still eagerly learning about matcha every day, I’m still refining my palette to taste the nuances between growing regions and ceremonial grades, and I’m still experiencing with drink and dessert recipes. 

This is a love affair I know will last a lifetime, and I hope to spend a lifetime sharing it with you. I hope these recipes bring you joy, and if you ever have any questions about matcha, please send me a message. I love talking about this antioxidant-rich ritual with you. 

Cheers, from one matcha queen to another! 



What’s inside Mystical Matcha? 

Most recipes have 6 ingredients or less and take less than 5 minutes to prepare. An easy-to-read legend guides you through the e-book and tells you which drinks are energizing, which ones are best as you wind down from your day, and which ones require a few more steps (e.g. soaking a few rosemary sprigs in your milk overnight).

There is also a mixture of hot and cold recipes, 2 matcha cocktails, and a matcha protein milkshake! 

Discover the best matcha recipe for your zodiac sign.

Tiffany, truly a beautiful creation. Your love & passion really shines through! Each recipe included is carefully thought out and unique. I’m in love with your e-book and personally can’t wait to try all of your recipes. You are the Matcha Queen!
— With love, Megan, Soar Organics


How easy are these recipes for a matcha beginner? 

On a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being the easiest, many of them are a 1! There are a few more complicated recipes (I’d say a 6 or 7), but even those aren’t really that hard, they just require a little bit more prep work. I made sure every recipe (except for the milkshake) can be made with a glass jar with a lid or a matcha mug and a whisk. No fancy blender or milk steamer required. (Optional, but never required!)

Do I have to invest in ceremonial matcha? 

If you want to have a divine matcha experience that is a joy to sip and also contains the highest level of antioxidants and good-for-you nutrients, then yes, splurge on the ceremonial blend. But this book comes with exclusive discounts from some of my favorite brands, so flip to page XX and then go shopping! 

How many servings are in each recipe? 

Each recipe makes 1 serving unless stated on the recipe that it makes 2. That way it’s easy for you to scale up or down if you’re making matcha for a friend or loved one, too!

Are the recipes budget friendly? 

Yes! All you need for a few of them is ½ tsp ceremonial matcha (again, use my discounts in the book!), milk of your choice, and a few other household ingredients like vanilla extract, maple syrup and cinnamon.  

How long do I have to download my e-book?

Your link is valid for 24 hours. If for some reason you aren’t able to download your e-book within that window, send an email to tiffany@tiffanynapper.com. We are here to help!


Oh I’m delighted you asked! That, my dear, can be found here, on Eventbrite. See you at the matcha party.

Last question – what is an e-book? 

E-books are digital versions of a book, so they can be opened and read on computers, tablets and smartphones. No special e-reader is required? Once you purchase, you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can download the book directly to your computer or phone.  (OR you will be sent a link via email where you can download your copy of the e-book directly to your computer or phone.) Mystical Matchais formatted to print on regular 8.5 x 11” computer paper, so you’re more than welcome to print a copy if you want. Print in color for the full glittery experience! 

Return Policy 

Because of the nature of this immediate, digital product, no refunds will be issued once a purchase is made. But trust me, you’re gonna love it!