Hello, my name is Tiffany Napper.

I’m a Nashville + New Orleans-based Creative Director, branding guru and wellness advocate, and I’m here to help you and your brand soar. Mood boards and matcha lattes are my happy place, so on any given day we may be chatting about branding one minute and mindfulness the next. It’s a beautiful life if you ask me!

Professionally, I cut my teeth working for two large corporations: Yamaha and the American Cancer Society. In 2011 I launched my own agency merging my experience as a publicist, social media manager, and creative director into one kick-ass boutique company.

To feed my soul, I am also a yoga instructor and a matcha enthusiast. My matcha e-book, Mystical Matcha, will launch June 17, and coursework to help guide entrepreneurs on a path of PR and branding greatness without burnout will launch this fall. 

My blog, Whitespace + Wellness, was created to celebrate the balance of pursuing your hustle without losing sight of what makes you happy. Here you’ll find encouraging words and tips for living your best life. Healthy smoothie and dessert recipes are abundant. Branding tips and travel itineraries flow freely from my heart to yours.

We only have one chance at this life. Let's fill it with whitespace and wellness and spread joy with each passing day. 





NOUN: In design and illustration, whitespace is the portion of the page left unmarked, unfilled.

It is not merely "blank" space — it is an important element of design that enables the objects in it to exist cohesively. In life, it is the balance of busy and relaxed, work and down time. 


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