Guide to Northern Eleuthera Island

Now to be clear, this is a guide to Northern Eleuthera Island only because in 3 days, we didn't have nearly enough time to see and do all that Eleuthera has to offer. The island is 110 miles long and basically an adventure seeker's playground. Next time we'll be sure to hit up the southern territory. But for now, here's a mini tour through the north! 

1. Queen's Bath - These natural hot tubs in northern central Eleuthera are breathtaking. I could have stayed here all day. The limestone rocks are sharp, so you'll want to wear shoes for the walk to the water's edge. The waves were rough on our visit, but we were still able to frolic in the shallow pools. This place is a photographer's dream! 


2. Harbor Island, Pink Sands - Pink Sands Beach is 3 miles of perfectly pink sand and gentle waters. It was a quick and easy ferry ride from the northwestern point of Eleuthera. We arrived mid-morning and immediately rented a golf cart, since that was the suggested mode of transportation. Best decision ever, because it was the kind of hot that melts things, so the breeze was a welcome accessory. We lingered over a long lunch looking out at the water, laid on the beach, exfoliated ourselves with the pink sands (seriously, try this. It's the most magnificent natural exfoliator!), frolicked in the waves, and then made our way to a restaurant where we could eat dinner and drink rosé til the sun began to set. 


3. Surfer's Beach - We had good intentions to spend the day surfing, but it was a Sunday and the waves weren't stellar, so we arrived to Surfer's Beach to discover that none of the little surf shacks were up and running. But on the bright side, that meant we had the beach all to ourselves! We stopped at a little café on the way in and made friends with the owner, who was so sweet and indulged us in our desire to drink from a coconut straight from a tree! A quick note if you plan on visiting: the walk is long to Surfer's Beach, so be prepared for a beautiful little hike.


4. Gregory Town - We rented a swoon-worthy Airbnb in sleepy little Gregory Town, with amazing views of the water and a convenient jump off point, if you dared. It was also only minutes from Queen's Bath and Glass Window Bridge, which were two highlights of our entire Bahamas experience. We started each morning with homemade chia parfaits overlooking the sea, and ending listening to the waves break upon the limestone. This town is filled with locals except for one fancy resort, which we were happy to visit one night for dinner and the exquisite view seen below. 

IMG_3553 2.PNG

5. Glass Window Bridge - There comes a point when driving along Queen's Highway that a narrow bridge separates the bright, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea with the dark blue waters of the Atlantic. It's one of the rare times when you can see the two bodies of water in such close proximity, and the colors are striking side by side. It's one of nature's true works of art. We visited Glass Window Bridge by foot and flew over it by plane, and it was glorious both ways, though I must say it is absolutely breathtaking from up above, if you're lucky enough to have a chance to fly over it.


I'm still dreaming about this trip: the snorkeling, the water, the sand, the sun. I'd love to hear your favorite places to visit in the Bahamas in the comments below! And if anyone has any must-sees for the southern half of Eleuthera, please do share. I need to start pleading my case to go back!