Holiday Gift Guide

The ultimate gift idea guide for every balance seeker on your list

When it comes to pulling together the perfect gift, I love creating a present based around a theme. It really helps you tap into the person you are buying for, and it also allows you to get creative without too much work. Ask yourself what that person loves, and then put together a combo of items that caters to their passion.

I've always loved giving gifts, so this year consider me your personal holiday shopping assistant. If one of the below themes aligns with your sweetie/best friend/sister/mom, then dive in and get to shopping! And if there is a theme you don't see but want some advice on, please drop me a comment. I'm more than happy to help! 

For the Nester: 

West Elm Metallic knit throw

West Elm Blanket  

A cozy blanket with metallic threading available in three beautiful shades: rose gold, light grey or ivory. It's the blanket of my dreams! A gal can never have too many warm and fuzzy blankets, trust me on this one. 

Ugg Yvette Pom Pom Slipper

Ugg Slippers 

The coziness you expect of an Ugg, but with a fluffy pom pom on top. I die. Also available in Chestnut. Also adorable. 

Big Magic.jpg

Big Magic and You are a Badass

Two life changing books. For anyone in your life who maybe needs a little pep talk or motivation to follow their dreams. Or if you just want to see the person you love laughing out loud while compulsively turning page after page after page. They are both that good. 

Feu de bois

Diptyque Candle 

My all-time favorite candle. Sophisticated, woodsy, perfect. It's worth every penny. I repurpose my empty candle holders to hold matchbooks, makeup brushes, pencils, flowers... The gift that keeps on giving. 

Raaka Chocolate Subscription Box

Raaka Chocolate Bar Subscription

"I've had too much small batch, organic chocolate in my life," said no gal ever! This service is great because you can choose between a 3-, 6- or 12-month subscription. I personally love a holiday gift that lasts long past the new year. 

For the Matcha Crazed: 

Matcha tin

Matcha Powder

As Julie Andrews says, let's start at the very beginning: no Matcha gift set is complete without a ceremonial grade matcha powder. 

Matcha ceramic mug

Ceramic Mug

The next thing your matcha lover needs is a beautiful handcrafted mug, because when she posts photos on Instagram, we want hers to stand out. ;) Plus it's part of the entire experience in my opinion - wrapping your hands around a beautiful ceramic mug filled with your green potion. I fell in love with this one, specifically crafted for matcha. I also adore anything by Brooklyn ceramic artist Helen Levi. 

Milk Matcha Cleanser and Toner

Milk Matcha Cleanser and Toner 

Take her matcha obsession beyond the kitchen with Milk's Matcha Cleanser and Toner sticks. I personally have both of these and love how portable they are for travel and the gym. 

Matcha book

Matcha Book 

Round out her matcha collection with a beautiful coffee table to teach everyone who enters her home why a matcha obsession is totally healthy! 

(P.S. I wrote a blog post about the benefit of matcha, just in case you are wondering what all the fuss is about.) 

For the Yogi: (or Barre or Pilates enthusiast) 


Beyond Yoga Kate Spade

Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade Bralette and Leggings

Polka dots and happy thoughts. Trust me when I say she will swoon if you surprise her with this super comfy and extra chic workout ensemble. Beyond Yoga makes some of the coziest leggings around, and this cute matching combo will surely make her stand out from the pack. The bralette has the cutest little bow on the back! 

Alo yoga moto leggings

Alo Yoga High Rise Moto Leggings

If she's not into polka dots, and let's face it not all of us are, these high rise moto leggings by Alo will earn you some cool points. Alo practically invented the moto legging. 

Alo bomber jacket

Alo Yoga Bomber Jacket  

Hip enough for the streets, lightweight enough to throw on after a workout. This one is tip top on my wish list! 

Ugg short boot


Say what you will about Uggs and their iconic boot, but when the temps drop, there is nothing cozier than slipping into a pair of Uggs after a workout. Now they come in so many beautiful colors, like spruce and nightfall (pictured above). 

Samaya Meditation Pillow

Samaya Meditation Pillow

So we all know meditation is one of the latest trends and it's making a comeback in a big way. I discovered this happy little mediation pillow, and it changed my meditation situation in a big, big way. It props you up into the most comfortable position, making it easier to focus on the meditating and less on "am I sitting right?" or "where do I put my hands?" Perfect for the person in your life who meditates daily, or the person who wants to. 

Calming Balancing Oil

Calming Balancing Essence

Spoil her with this beautiful calming oil roller ball that looks more like perfume than essential oils. I use a calming oil daily - it really helps take the edge off and reminds me to just breathe when deadlines loom and things get hectic. Who can't relate to that feeling now and again? 

For the Health Nut: 

NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Pro 

Does she swoon at all the smoothie pictures on Instagram and want to join the party? Or is she cursing at your less-than-stellar blender that refuses to adequately blend her frozen fruit, spinach and protein powder? Wrap this bad boy and put it under the tree. She'll use it daily and think of you. Just make sure you get her something romantic, too. ;) 

MCT oil by Natural Force

Natural Force eMCT Oil

So I didn't know what the fuss was about when I first tried MCT oil. I found it oily and hard to blend into my coffee. Then I discovered this emulsified MCT oil by Natural Force, and my addiction became real. If you have someone in your life who has trouble focusing or just wants more energy, this bottle is a game changer. Full disclosure: my infatuation with this company led to a job offer, so I officially work for them now, but I would have included it on this list regardless. Game. Changer!! 

Coconut Chocolate RXbar

RXBar in Coconut Chocolate or Chocolate Chip

If she's a health nut who travels or goes straight to the gym or forgets to meal prep, I'm sure she eats her share of healthy protein bars. Fill up her stocking with two of my favorites, RXBar in Coconut Chocolate or Chocolate Chip. 

Moonjuice Spirit Dust

Moonjuice Spirit Dust

Show her you know a thing or two about what's hip and cool with a bottle from the Instagram famous brand Moonjuice. I love Spirit Dust, an adaptogenic blend featuring ashwagandha and a myriad of other uplifting superherbs and supermushrooms that help combat the effects of stress to lift your spirits. Earn bonus points by pairing it with the Moonjuice cookbook so she can become her own little wellness wizard. 

For the Green Beauty Obsessed: 

Clary Collection Balm

Clary Collection Lip Balm

I raved about this in my Beauty Bag blog post, and the love affair continues. This 100% natural and organic balm is multipurpose - lips, elbows, anywhere that needs a little extra TLC. 

Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish.jpg

Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish 

Every gal loves a little pampering after the holidays. This Coco Rose Body Polish earned a cult following, and for good reason. It's equal parts smoothing and hydrating, and smells absolutely divine. 

Oxalis Face Serum

Oxalis Facial Serum  

This handcrafted facial serum is made by my dear friend Erin in New Orleans, LA, and it is jam packed with all of the feel-good, do-good essentials. Golden Jojoba Seed Oil, Virgin Argan Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Pomegranate Seed extract - just a few pumps pressed gently into your fresh faced skin every morning will make you feel brand new. Plus I just love supporting kick-ass women who are fearlessly chasing their dreams. What can I say, I can relate. ;) 

Rosarco Milk Leave In Conditioner

Brigeo Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioner

I remember one year all of the women in my family wanted this certain leave-in hair conditioner that I had introduced them to. Sadly that product can't be found in the US anymore, but it's okay because I found a replacement! This Rosarco leave-in conditioner is hydrating without weighing your hair down, and it smells divine. Basically it's magic in a bottle. 

Wishing you whitespace and wellness this holiday season and always, 



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