Homemade Cashew Milk

Making homemade cashew milk is so darn easy, you’ll never go back to store-bought after you try this DIY recipe. No straining required. Literally you just soak, blend and refrigerate.

DIY Cashew Milk Tips:

I buy the raw cashew pieces instead of the whole cashews because they are a little cheaper, and you are going to be blending those babies up anyway. And you want raw, unsalted cashews, so you can often buy these in bulk. I’ve found good prices and quality at Thrive Market.

Also this recipe is unsweetened, but you can always add a little vanilla extract if you want to jazz it up. Either way, this cashew milk is great in coffee, matcha, chia parfaits, oatmeal. And of course it’s dairy-free, if that’s your jam.

Because there are no preservatives in your homemade cashew milk, aka it's fresher than fresh, I would give it a shelf life of 5 days max. Recycle a glass bottle to store it in - it'll stay fresher longer that way. I used an empty carrot juice bottle from Trader Joe's. Bam. On with the show. 

Cashew Milk Recipe


4 servings

1 cup raw, unsalted cashews 

4 cups filtered water

(I told y'all this was easy.) 


In a small bowl, cover cashews in water and soak overnight.  


Add cashews and 4 fresh cups of filtered water to blender. 


Pour creamy goodness into a glass container, seal, and refrigerate.  Eat with my paleo double chocolate chip cookies, add to a smoothie or your daily matcha, or pour it over a bowl of granola. 

Double chocolate paleo cookies.JPG

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