What’s in My All-Natural Beauty Bag: Travel Edition

All Natural Beauty Bag essentials by W+W

For more than 10 years, my career has put me on the road, so efficient packing became second nature. (It's also why I own such much black and white clothing...) However, my beauty bag was the one area I usually failed at in some small way. I would either forget something important, or bring a few things that I never ended up needing or using. 

So before embarking on a 3 week trip to Japan, I decided once and for all that I would pack the perfect beauty bag. Not too much, not too little. To add to the challenge, I only wanted to carry products that practice mindfulness in their creation - organic, natural, no animals harmed, and ideally available in mini bottles. I've gotten to know a few of these makers, and they are the real deal. They believe in what they are making, and they truly care about what you put on your skin. 

Part of my strategy was multi-purpose products. The other part was travel-sized bottles. With those two things in play, I noticed I could bring everything I wanted in one bag, and guess what? I never wished I had something, I never ran to a store to buy something that I forgot, and I used every single product I took with me. Oh and the most important part, my skin felt amazing the entire trip. Success! Here's a run down of what packed to ensure my skin stayed in tip-top shape, but my bag stayed light as a feather: 

All-Natural Beauty Bag essentials by W+W


1. Clary Body Oil - I used this as a moisturizer post shower, and applied it for spot treatment on elbows or sun kissed skin. I also dabbed just a tiny bit on the ends of my hair when I felt they needed a little moisture, and added a few drops to a hot bath one night when I was extra weary from the 12+mile walk that day. Made in Nashville

2. Oxalis Serum - This stuff is just pure magic. One small drop and my skin is glowing. I love knowing that I'm feeding my skin with Vitamin E and antioxidants through Jojoba oil, Rosehip seed oil, Virgin argan oil, and a handful of other yummy all-natural ingredients. I press it gently into my skin, then allow for it to fully absorb before applying my next steps: sunscreen and powder. I bought the sample for this trip - only $8 and such a perfect size for travel! Made in New Orleans

3. Oxalis Cleanser - I bought the travel size (1 oz) of Oxalis' prized cleanser. If you're accustomed to a sudsy, soapy experience,  this will be a change for you, but it's a good change, trust me. I found it worked best when I applied it to dry skin. The French Green Sea Clay draws out impurities, so my face always felt clean, but not stripped of essential oils and never dry. Also available in full size (4 oz).  

All Natural Beauty Bag essentials by W+W

4. Pure + Radiant Toner - Humid and hot days were on our horizon, so I wanted to bring a little toner just in case my skin was more oily than usual. I loved the ingredient list for this one: apple cider vinegar, rose water, lavender and geranium essential oils. Left my skin feeling balanced and perfectly prepped. Made in Dallas

All Natural Beauty Bag essentials by W+W

5. Clary Balm - Cuticles, lips, elbows, heels ... you name it, I used Clary balm for it. I loved that the scent was subtle (with lavender!) but it packed a powerful moisturizing punch. I carried this beautiful little tin in my purse daily, along with the Oxalis Mineral Mist (more on that below). 

6. Oxalis Mineral Mist: Jasmine + Coconut - If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw how much I used this on my trip. Not only was it a great refresher for long travel days or during the 100+ degree days in Okinawa, but it was also great at masking odors on buses, trains, automobiles, and in one less-than-stellar Airbnb. Seriously, I don't think I could have lived without it. I also spritzed it in my hair post ocean dip for some epic beachy waves. 

7. Bet's Bars lip balm - Nothing has ever made my lips feel as nourished and loved as Bet's chapstick. I met her in Florida and bought one tube, then immediately went online to buy more for future gifts and of course so I would never ever ever run out. It's just that good. Made from a short list of pure ingredients, including Rose, so it smells like a dream. Made in Orlando

*Currently out of stock, but if you message her, she just might make you a few! 

All Natural Beauty Bag essentials by W+W

8. Pure + Radiant Body Scrub - I love a body scrub now and again, and I love a face scrub once a week, so when found this one that was gentle enough to do both, I thought it was too good to be true. Then it came in this cute little jar for travel and smelled like rosemary and lavender, and let's just say I fell hard. Also available in a full size jar for your home bath time rituals.

I'd love to know - what all-natural products do you never leave home without? Tell me in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram: @TiffanyNapper. 

Wishing you whitespace and wellness during your travels and everyday of your life,