Love Yourself Toast

I'm calling this Love Yourself Toast, because if you love yourself, you'll treat yourself to this recipe! I whipped this up on a day when I was suffering through some major sinus pressure. And to be honest, I was completely inspired by the toast itself - a rye sourdough loaf I picked up at Dozen Bakery that afternoon in Nashville, TN.

But if you don't have a beautifully crafted loaf of bread to start with, don't despair. Any slice of wheat, rye, multi-grain sprouted goodness will do.  (Just not white. Please, not white bread! You really need the oomph and texture (and nutrients!) of a brown piece of toast.) 



Dozen Bakery rye sourdough bread (or any multi-grain, wheat or dark bread) 

Coconut or Vanilla Yogurt (I used Noosa Coconut) 

1/2 Banana 



Purely Elizabeth maple walnut granola (or a granola of your choice) 

Chia seeds

Nuttzo almond butter (an almond cashew butter would work nicely, too) 

1. Slice and toast your bread

2. Split your banana in half lengthwise, and sauté it in a skillet with just a dab of coconut oil. Sprinkle both sides with cinnamon. 

3. Spread a healthy serving of yogurt on top of your freshly toasted bread. 

4. Lay your banana slices on top of the yogurt.

5. Sprinkle the blueberries, granola, chia seeds and finish with a dollop of the nut butter in the center. 

Bon Appetit! Consider your day/afternoon/morning/life saved.