6 Easy Money Mindset Tips


Mo Cheetos, mo ease.

I know what you're thinking. Cheetos, Tiffany? Cheetos? And you're right. It's a strange topic for a gal who shares her wellness journey and talks about yoga and balance. But bear with me and I think you'll like where this is going.

Cheetos are my little inside joke that isn't really so inside anymore. Cheetos are how I made a major shift in my money mindset and welcomed more financial freedom into my life. But before we can dive into the Cheetos Theory, we have to do a little prep work.

Here’s the deal. Your thoughts dictate your truth. What you believe becomes your reality. So, if you believe money is hard to come by, money will indeed be hard to come by. And if you believe money is easy to make, money will be, you guessed it, easy to make. But that all sounds too simple, right?

Well, simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t require work. These are the money mindset tricks I used when I decided to change my beliefs (and my reality) a few years ago. It took WORK, but now I’m bringing in more money than I was 2 years ago with fewer clients, fewer expenses, and less stress. And I have a completely different perspective on money that, to be honest, has left me feeling FREER than ever before.

Some of these tips are a bit “woowoo,” but honestly, what do you have to lose? None of these tips will break the bank. In fact, you may start finding money or money-making opportunities crop up in unexpected places, so keep your eyes open and your heart filled with love, grab a bag of Cheetos, and let’s dig in.



1. Become aware of your limiting beliefs - Do you find yourself saying “I can’t afford that” or “I don’t have the money for that?" That’s a limiting belief. Question it. Remove it from your vocabulary. Rewrite the script. Try saying “I have all the money I need to lead my dream life.”

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” ~ Lao Tzu

2. Remove any shame associated with your want for money. The truth is, the world runs on money. And many of us may have deep-seated untrue beliefs that “money is evil” or “money can’t buy you happiness” or “wealthy people are snobby,” so now is the time to wipe away those negative, untrue beliefs. If the desire for more money brings about a sense of guilt or shame, start to associate a positive goal with your desire for money. Do you want to have stress-free evenings with your loved ones at nice restaurants? Do you want to give back to a charity or your church? Do you want to take your parents on a trip or leave your job so you can start your dream business? Do you want to get a dog or have a baby or adopt a baby or buy a house or drive a car with excellent safety ratings? All of these are perfectly acceptable reasons to want more money! It doesn’t make you selfish or shallow to want any of these desires. It makes you human. Once you’ve narrowed down why you want more money, try repeating this mantra, “I am grateful for money because _______________ (it allows me more freedom, to have a baby, to support my loved ones, to take care of my health, etc.)."

3. Give with grace - Yes, give gracious tips and give to charity and give to those in need. Also, next time you go to pay the cashier at the grocery store or the barista at the coffee shop, mentally give thanks for the service. Say to yourself, “I’m happy to give you this money” or “I’m so grateful to be able to give you this money in exchange for these goods.” Literally, start expressing gratitude even in instances where it may seem silly because it isn’t easy to undo years of a negative inner dialogue about spending money! If you are tense about spending money, you are sending a signal to the universe that money is hard to come by, and the universe will respond by hearing your “truth” and keeping your wallet empty. If you give with gratitude, you are telling the universe money is easy to come by, and therefore the universe will be like, “Cool, here are some more opportunities to fatten up your wallet!” Gratitude is the great multiplier. Give with more grace and watch the changes that unfold.

“Never pay your bills when you don’t feel good because you will just bring bigger bills to you.” ~ Rhonda Byrne, The Power

4. Play a gratitude game with your money. Turn all of your bills facing up in the same direction in your wallet, and each time you place a new bill in your wallet, right side facing up, say thank you for that bill. This slightly OCD practice cultivates a positive mindset toward money because every time someone gives you a bill, you’ll immediately position it and give mental thanks for what it brings to your life. If you don’t carry cash around very often, you can also do this with your credit cards. Turn them all in the same direction with your name facing up, and each time you put it back in your wallet, give it thanks for the abundance of money it symbolizes – money with your name on it!

“Mastering the mindset of wealth is choosing to think about money, and your reality in relation to money, in a way that will make you rich, not keep you poorer.” ~ Jen Sincero

5. Feel excitement for a future you can’t yet see. Let's say you need $18,500 to buy a new car. Fill out a check for the exact amount and hang it on your mirror or by your desk where you will see it every day. Now for this to work you have to go one step farther and bring your emotions into the game. You have to look at that check every day and physically feel how excited you are to be buying that car. Be so grateful for the upgrade that you could literally jump up and down. When you see someone else driving around in your dream car, be excited for them! Be happy and welcome their frequency into your life, because the universe is paying attention to your reactions. If you feel sad or envious, your bad feelings are saying no to that dream car. If you feel happy and excited, you’re saying yes, bring me that car! When I was robbed last year, I wrote down on a piece of paper how much I was hoping to get from my insurance company to replace everything. I hung it by my desk and looked at it multiple times a day, feeling the joy that came with knowing I could replace the items needed to make my house feel like a home again. When the insurance company finally sent me a check months later, it was within $500 of my ideal number. It was actually $500 more!


6. Think of money like Cheetos. If you’re having a hard time forming a loving relationship with money, try this trick on for size: think of money like Cheetos. Cheetos are fairly harmless, right? I can't really think of a negative connotation with Cheetos. They are approachable and easy to find. They are bright orange so they are cheerful by nature. They give you orange fingers and that’s kind of funny. And they are literally everywhere! The convenient store down the street. The grocery store. The dollar store. The bus station. The airport. Cheetos are so EASY to find!

Leave bags of Cheetos in places that you see on a regular basis as a reminder that you have no problem bringing in more Cheetos. $$$$ Every time you see a bag of Cheetos, feel love for them! “Man, I love Cheetos!” Give your friends Cheetos. Adapt your favorite songs like “It’s raining Cheetos, hallelujah” or “I guess you’d say, what can make me feel this way, Cheetos, Cheetos, talking ‘bout Cheetos.”

The truth is, there are plenty of Cheetos in the world for all of us. If Chris and Liz down the street make a bunch of money, it doesn’t mean there will be less money for you. Money is out there and the universe wants you to have it and live your best life! But you have to believe you deserve it in your head and your heart and you have to put in the work. Now, go get those Cheetos, babe!

“There is one rule with money: you can never put money ahead of love. Love must be the ruling force in your life.” Rhonda Byrne

Please share your Money Mindset goals and your Cheetos Theory moments with me by tagging me on IG (@TiffanyNapper) or dropping a comment below. I cannot wait to see what unfolds for you!



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