How to Create a Content Calendar


In this 24/7 content creation and sharing world, sometimes coming up with what to say on your Instagram or Facebook page can seem absolutely overwhelming. I created this downloadable content calendar as a means to tame the overwhelm. The purpose is to help you plan ahead so you are always prepared. It’s easy to shift things around once you have a solid game plan in place, so don’t overthink it. It’s okay if you don’t have a photo in mind for each topic, and you don’t even have to fully write out your captions just yet. This is more about coming up with your overarching themes for each day and making sure you stay on brand for your audience.

Hone in. Be conscious of your content so you can better serve your audience while saving yourself some stress. A game plan is never a bad idea.”

It’s really simple: first, list your 3-5 brand pillars on the left side. I like to call these content buckets, because if you had 3-5 buckets lined up and labeled, you could toss all of your content into these buckets. And ideally, no bucket would be left behind (aka empty)!


As an example, if you are a gluten-free recipe blogger, your buckets may include: GF desserts, GF breakfast, GF dinners, Favorite things, and Healthy Living. Every social media post you create should ideally easily belong in one of your buckets. Now, your buckets could change as your business and brand grows, so it’s a good idea to re-evaluate your brand pillars from time to time.

But back to this content calendar. You can print it out and fill it in by hand, or use your handy computer to type in the squares. If you’re a newbie to planning, try starting with just one month. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a great idea to plan out your content by quarters.

In this 24/7 content creation and sharing world, sometimes coming up with what to say on your Instagram or Facebook page can seem absolutely overwhelming.

A few more tips:

  • Stay consistent! Not only do you want to keep your brand pillars in mind at all times, but also stay consistent of when you are posting each day. If you can establish a rhythm (every Monday at 10 a.m., for example), your followers will start to expect that content drop from you and be ready to engage!

  • Pick a platform (or two or three) and ignore the ones that don’t serve you. Set up placeholder accounts on those platforms using the same profile pic/image as your other accounts, and use that account to drive people to find you on the platform you are active on! (For example, set up a Twitter profile, and in the bio you can write, “Follow me on Instagram - IG: Username - for daily GF recipes”

  • It’s a guide, not a rule book. If you planned to talk about X today according to your content calendar, but now you feel inspired to talk about Y, it’s okay to call an audible. The point in planning is to ease your stress and free up your time, so if as a result, you now have a fresh, creative idea, run with it! And now you can push that planned content to another day and you are one more day ahead with content planning. Bravo, babe!

Download your new content calendar!

As always, tag me on Instagram (@TiffanyNapper) if the content calendar or any of these tips help bring ease to your life. Wishing you more whitespace and wellness in your working days.